Best Nature Sites Series
from Waterline Books

Travelersí Guides to MidCoast Maine

Overview Map, Sites 1–10

Site List

1.  Wolfe’s Neck State Park

2. Maquoit Bay Conservation Land   and Maquoit Landing

3.  Cliff Trail and Long Reach Preserves

4.  Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center Preserve

5.  Giant’s Stairs Preserve

6.  Green Point Preserve

7.  Nequassett Fish Ladder

8.  Reid State Park and Josephine Newman Audubon Sanctuary

9.  Swan Island: Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area

10.  Pownalborough Courthouse Preserve


11.  Bonyun Preserve

12.  Boothbay Region: Linekin, Porter and Ovens Mouth Preserves

13.  Griggs and Marsh River Preserves

14.  Hidden Valley Nature Center

15.  La Verna Preserve

16.  Fort Point and Town Forest, St. George

17.  Owls Head State Park

18.  Sears Island

19.  Sandy Point Beach Park

20.  Three Places to Paddle: Sandy Point and Ruffingham Meadows WMAs, and St. Clair Preserve

About the Authors

As a youngster, Kyrill Schabert cultivated an appreciation of natural history in the saltmarshes and woods of north shore Long Island. He recently moved to Jefferson, Maine, where he edits and publishes non-fiction under the imprint of Waterline Books.

Tony Oppersdorff is a writer, photographer, and naturalist who has lived in Lincolnville for over 30 years.  

Des FitzGerald has lived and worked in Midcoast Maine for the last 35 years. He is married with four children and through the years has enjoyed time outdoors with canoe paddle, fishing rod or binoculars in hand.