Best Nature Sites Series
from Waterline Books

Travelers Guides to MidCoast Maine

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Author Bios

Des FitzGerald has lived and worked in Midcoast Maine for the last 35 years. He is married with four children and through the years has enjoyed time outdoors with canoe paddle, fishing rod or binoculars in hand. 

Tony Oppersdorff has lived with his family in Lincolnville, Maine, since 1976. His favorite activities include walking, cross-country skiing, motorcycling, sailing, photography, eating and cooking a meal with friends and family, and the seasonal changes of the Midcoast.   

Kyrill Schabert has had a love of nature since his earliest years and continues to study the living landscape through personal observation in the field and the more learned observations of experts expounded on the printed page. He emigrated to Midcoast Maine within the decade and can think of no better place to witness the natural world.