BNS Sample Sidebar Photographs BNS Sample Sidebar Photographs The Farm's Sheep Crystal Spring Farm (site 2) is a good place to admire this domestic species. 117555131 Invasive Plants: Japanese Knotweed Japanese Knotweed is one plant species you may notice in the upper field at Merrymeeting Fields Preserve (site 12). 117555132 Invasive plants: Purple Loosestrife Globally, invasive species have been identified as one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. 117555133 World of Galls Oak apple galls often fall to the ground along the trail. 117555234 Pity the Pinder Waldoboro's pound, built in 1819, is square. Cars pass by on Main Street where horse-and-wagons once rumbled along at a much slower pace. 117555235